If you’ve got your own 4×4 car and want to know it better…
If you’d prefer to go for a first off-road adventure not in your own car…

If you’ve already bought your dreamy 4×4 car, but you’re not sure, when to use a 4hi or 4lo drive, when to use transfer-case or differential lock, how to traverse a sandy road or how to crawl uphill…
…Join us for our 4×4 off-road training!

It doesn’t matter if your car is brand new or offroad modified. If you want to explore it, get into to it and come to us. You will be able to try out many different driving techniques in a safe manner on a special 4×4 track. You will also learn how to use off-road accessories or how to use a winch securely. And finally, you will see what is the potential of your car.

Do you want to try the off-road adventure even though you don’t have your own 4×4 car? Or you do have but you’re worried about it and first you’d like to practice in the open terrain?

You can take part in the training using our car and get to know the basics of the off-road drive. Later you will use this knowledge and new abilities when driving your own car. You will also be able to learn how to pull a stuck car with kinetic ropes and straps or how to use hi-lift jack and other off-road accessories.

Our training starts with theoretical part, which will prepare you to enjoy driving on the track. At this part you will learn how to read ‘roadbook’ – the roadmap, which will lead you to the point at which the practical training will take place. The track is prepared for brand new cars, so you don’t have to worry about your car’s possibilities and you won’t scratch the paintwork.

What’s more, we will tell you some stories from our travels through wasteland. We’re going to enthuse you with adventure! We used to start from an urban car, too. So you can be sure, that we’ll answer all your questions.

What do we provide on the off-road training?
  • Theoretical lecture in the conference hall and handouts
  • Printed booklet from theortical training
  • About 40-kilometre-long drive
  • Safe 4×4 track for practicing driving techniques and exploring own car
  • Snacks and drinks for a roadbook part
  • Treat and sausages from campfire (beverages included)

People coming from remote parts of Poland can stay at Julinek resort. There are many attractions, such as ropes course, mini-golf and playground for children.

What are we going to practice on the 4×4 track?
  • Driving uphill and downhill
  • Traverse driving
  • Crossing ditches and faults
  • Driving through forest, mud and sand
  • 4×4 water crossing
  • Using off-road accessories, e.g. winch, hi-lift jack, ropes, shackles
  • Using Tread Lightly
  • And many other
What is the cost of such a training?

By your own 4×4 car

2 people in the team – 260zł
Additional person over 16 years – 60zł

By Explopedia car

2 people in the team – 460zł
Additional person over 16 years – 60zł

Next 4×4 off-road training coming soon. GET READY!

Fill out the application form and send it to us.

Send us the application form for the near 4×4 training. We’ll answer you as fast as possible. You will get detailed information about payment, date and place of the training. The down payment is required. If it’s not done, the application will be annulled. For group trainings at least 3 teams are required.

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