Do you want to try the off-road adventure, but you don’t have your own 4×4 car?

Or maybe you’d like to treat someone an off-road day as present? You can take part in an individual 4×4 training in our car or buy a voucher for a loved one.

You’re going to have a full individual 4×4 training – theoretical lecture, driving with the roadmap and practical training on the track.

If you know the off-road driving basics or you just want to try driving an off-roader, we can meet straightaway on the track and spend there a few hours driving through the mud, siting by the firecamp and try out an off-road accessories (e.g. before buying a winch).

We’re open to your suggestions, so feel free to contact us directly or by the application form below. We’ll recommend you an offer best suited to your needs.

People coming from remote parts of Poland can stay at Julinek resort. There are many attractions, such as ropes course, mini-golf and playground for children. We’re able to organize a treat, dinner, warm supper or to have a BBQ in the old farm, where there’s a full catering.

But maybe you would prefer to feel the taste of future adventure? So you can camp out near the driving track!

Do you have any questions? Write to us.

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